Music is all around us

Although we mainly focus on Jazz and the Blues at Sons and Lovers we are fond of all different kinds of music and its genres. There are many different types of music genres out there such as Country, Hip hop, Jazz, Pop, Reggae, R&B, Rock, Alternative, Metal, Punk and more. Keeping that in mind how could we limit ourselves to just two.

Other than the different kinds of music, music is also used in many different fields for different purposes. Music is used to mourn and celebrate, check out our list of songs in some ‘different’ fields.

Music in Activism

Many musicians have used their platform for a cause to spread a message amongst the masses. Here you can find our list of top 3 activism songs.

  1. Bob Dylan, ‘Hurricane’ – Bob Dylan was a decade past his protest song phase when he became aware of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, a professional boxer in jail for a murder he claimed he didn’t commit.
  2. Bob Dylan, ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ – In the early Sixties, most people knew “Blowin’ in the Wind” long before they had heard the name Bob Dylan. Peter, Paul, and Mary turned the tune into a hit in 1963, and everyone from Sam Cooke to the Doodletown Pipers followed.
  3. Buffalo Springfield, ‘For What It’s Worth’ – Contrary to widespread belief, Stephen Stills didn’t write “For What It’s Worth” about Vietnam. He wrote the song in late 1966 out of solidarity with Sunset Strip hippies who fought the police over a potential new curfew.

Music in Sports

Music is also used a lot in the sporting world. Some songs are made particularly for that purpose and others just became sporting anthems. Here is a list of common and not so common sport-related songs.  

    1. Queen ‘We will rock you’ –  This song was written by Brian May and recorded by Queen for their 1977 album. Since its release, the song has become a cliche at sports events around the world as a stadium anthem, mostly due to its simple rhythm.
    2. Queen ‘We are the Champions’ –A song by the British rock band Queen, first released on their 1977.’We Are the Champions’ has become an anthem for victories at sporting events, including an official theme song for 1994 FIFA World Cup
  • The Unibet Chant Song – The Unibet chant song has made it onto our list as it goes to show you just how creative people can get when trying to connect people with music. Unibet isn’t a band or a sports team. Unibet is an online betting company that have their very own song that is extremely popular among their players. In fact, it’s so popular that Unibet players have been known to chant the Unibet song before games. For those of you that are not familiar with Unibet, it is a Swedish gaming operator that has been around since 1997 they offer a number of products on their site and they are also available to use on your mobile.
  • Journey ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ – Yes we know this might be every drunk girl’s choice of anthem when singing karaoke but don’t pretend you don’t like it.

Music in Patriotism

Music is also used in celebration of one country and there are many beautiful National Anthems out there but we have narrowed it down to our top 2.

  1. Canada – Some countries contain very violent and abrupt lyrics in their anthems but the O’Canada anthem promotes freedom and power through God and Patriotic love. The anthem does not promote fighting but promotes fighting to defend.
  2. Brazil – This National Anthem is so romantically written and beautiful you will often see people singing it and crying! It carries such deep feelings for the people of Brazil and the Portuguese language sounds so formal and classic.

As you can see music is so diverse that there will always be something for someone. So when looking for things in common with another person why don’t you see what type of music they are interested in and see if you can discover something new.