Musical Instruments Used in Jazz

Having an unique style and an impressive musical sound, jazz has a variety of musical instruments which establish the basis upon which the vocal part is being overlaid. In the following paragraphs, information about several of the musical instruments used in jazz will be provided, allowing fans all over the world to understand more about the origins and creation of the intricate sounds comprising any jazz composition.

  • The trumpet: although at first it was used for military purposes, for announcing imminent danger or even call out troops and initiate military actions, the trumpet has gradually found its way in various musical genres and it is used prominently in jazz;
  • The saxophone: having an impressive variety and offering musicians a great degree of flexibility in their performances, the saxophone is considered to be somewhat newer than other musical instruments and it was invented in France, by Antoine-Joseph (Adolphe) Sax;
  • The piano: this famous keyboard musical instrument is the tool of choice for so many classical composers, such as Mozart or Beethoven, but it managed to find its way into jazz quite quickly;
  • The trombone: a close relative of the trumpet, the trombone was actually derived from the first, but it boasts a different shape and size altogether. One of its defining characteristics is that the musician playing it has the choice of doing so in either treble or bass region;
  • The clarinet: having being developed in the Romantic period, the clarinet was continually redesigned and refined, this allowing it to gain more and more popularity, even in the “arsenal” of composers such as Berlioz or Brahms, eventually finding its way into jazz as well.
  • The double bass: famous string instrument which is significantly larger than a cello and this will require the musician to hold the instrument by its side, in order to have better control of the strings.

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